Nail Shades And Nail Art For 2013 for Coming Season of Summer 2013

If you are one of those who like to stay up-to-date regarding everything there here is the new shade list of new nail shades for coming season of summer 2013.

Nail Shades And Nail Art For 2013 for Coming Season of Summer 2013

Turquoise & Caicos, I know people feel that it is not a very good color for summer but this time this deeper tone of turquoise is going to be super hit this season and I am not talking about backstreet fashion, I am talking real famous and sophisticated fashion.

Pale pink is back in trends, if I am not totally wrong then this was one of the most famous shades of 2011 and now it is back again if you want to shake it a bit then mix it with some nude shades or lavender and that will look absolutely stunning.

If you are brave and bold then try mate deep and bright red shade as this is going to be the third famous shade of the season 2013 and if you are in the mood of adventurous then try deep green or blue with it Sophisticated Chick green and blue are good too and one thing to make you happy, black is not just for twilight fans you can try it too and trust me it look absolutely stunning if your remaining attire is beautiful then Gothic.

Now a very quick look at nail arts, if you all know that gel nails are all time in now, people are into these natural looking nail enhancers, but at the same time long nails are out, if you notice girls are now with just half a inch longer nails with beautiful 3D and flats, marble, mix shades, 3D are good to go this summer and you can try funky poky shapes too but don’t go too far J

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