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Hot Pink Nails with Designs

Decking out your finger and toe nails is an interesting way to jazz up your look. Bold fingernails are trendier this season, they expresses the creativity and style of the wearer. One stunning and valiant nail design idea is addition of hot pink nail tips. It’s a sort of French manicure wherein the lower part of the nail can be painted light pink, or even black or green whereas the tips applied to the nails are hot pink with embellishment or design.


hot pink tips nail Zebra

It is one of the most fashionable nail design involving hot pink tips. First paint the lower part of your nails in a color close to your natural nail color, light pink or any other shade of your choice and then apply hot pink color to the tips. Finish off the look by creating zebra pattern over the hot pink tips with black nail polish.

Pink and Glitter

Pink and Glitter nail

Another eye catching hot pink nail design is hot pink nail tips with glitter. It adds interest to your nail tips and enhances your feminine charm too. To create the style, you need to paint the bottom of your nails in a sheer white color and tips in hot pink color. Add a line with silver or gold glitter finally to complete the design and you’re ready to flaunt your desirably gorgeous nails.

Flowers and Rhinestones

Flowers and Rhinestones nail

Add rich and vibrant flowers and rhinestones on your fingernails. First apply hot pink nail polish allover your nails and then airbrush blue and purple flowers on top of the tips of the hot pink nails. Further enhance the flowers with three or four rhinestones to add a little sparkle to the style.

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